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 ONES REALTYGROUP is proud to announce our partnership with one of worlds most forthright equity firms based in North America.

Our equity partners finance projects all over the world, so please contact us for requests at your earliest convenience!

Today, because of global uprisings, changes in political policies and funding requirements almost daily, a tremendous gap has developed in the business finance world when it comes to understanding these challenges and being able to successfully see a project through the funding process.

Most projects seeking financing never proceed to funding for a variety of the barriers that exist in the market and with majority of the equity firms. Our partner’s aim is to reduce or eliminate such barriers for those businesses and projects that are economically viable.

When it comes to structuring, knowing current sophisticated requirements in finance, with all due diligence steps, approval expectations and ultimately timely funding, our partners team is set-up to solve these issues through a complete engagement process with our clients.

Most companies may not understand the process and requirements that are in place to receive funding through sophisticated investors and institutions. Many times, this in turn leads to a very tough time for the principal team when it comes to fund raising, usually resulting in delays which can materially impact your project by months or sometimes even years. In extreme cases, putting the whole project at risk – our partners have the solution for this dilemma.

Navigating this process is what they do. They fill those gaps and provide the resources necessary from the outset, obtaining funds on your behalf and that of your business to maximise efectiveness and timely financing.

Our Solutions

The aim is to be your one-stop funding services provider and our partner will take the proposal from the onset and structure, restructure and amend if necessary your ofering to suit our internal and external due diligence (DD) requirements.

Upon successful completion of DD, they will typically fund the proposal either directly or indirectly via syndication, where-in we will organize the equity and debt portions of the ofering for you, based on the ideal project requirements and lender suitability.

Our partner will prepare requisite materials, finance worksheets and projections, guiding you through the internal and external DD process and into the funding stage.

To get started we simply review your proposal, create a suitable plan and structure, make a projection and depending on the level of efort involved, advise of the anticipated costs and timelines. The agreement is then reviewed, accepted, and signed, and we move ahead with the funding process.

They also ofer a structured financing solution that creates funding based on assets not directly related to the project. Although this can more complicated and may have additional costs, but this allows our clients to not have to return for funding for the life of the project.

The idea here is you have one source to set your business up for funding for the whole project from the beginning, leaving you to do what you do best!

There are several projects which can be funded by our partners:

As a subset of the traditional services, our partner provides a series of specialty solutions in the realm of Trade Finance and corporate solutions to assist deals to push through the gatekeepers, barriers and hurdles that oftentimes arise at various stages of the financing process. These allow for ease of transaction and clarity, show strength and greater transparency from both sides.


To qualify for funding consideration, please ensure the following minimum guidelines:

Funding process

The first step in the funding process is to do a preliminary review of the provided information by a potential client seeking equity, debt, or a combination. We will complete the initial review of the provided submittal and if the proposed transaction is deemed financeable, they will go through the proposal before it is presented to our Executive Team. As most lenders, we expect our clients (and Introducers) to be familiar with and accept the following terms as they relate to the proposed financing request prior to moving forward.

Upon acceptance, we move forward with the respective project with a phone-call with the principals and key team members as required to qualify the details and get to know the client personally with members of our Executive Team.

Upon satisfactory completion of the phone-call, we will finish our review and submit it for the issuance of a ‘Review and Term Form’ regarding proceeding forward with the Project and Principals.

Upon acceptance by the principals of the proposed terms and costs, a formal Engagement Agreement is then prepared and once accepted and signed, our team begins the work on structuring the deal with the Due Diligence Team, alongside the Principals of the Project towards a satisfactory funding placement solution.

Note that our process is proprietary, and this allows us to have no limitations on the size and scope of the Project, funding requirements or stage of the business lifecycle (from early-stage start-ups to pre-IPO’s).

Depending on the lending requirements and project needs, any given client can reasonably anticipate spending money during the Due Diligence stage for items such as an Valuation Report, Appraisal Report (if Real Estate is involved), an Economical Viability Report, Market Studies and a complete audit of the project.

Some reports might already have been commissioned by the principal team earlier, in which case they might be acceptable at the Due Diligence stage, subject to financing requirements. All these reports are usually prepared by reputable, independent professional service providers such as international accounting and consulting firms.

We work directly with firms such as KMPG, Grant Thornton, BDO, Ernst & Young, Deloitte, Duf & Phelps, etc. Any given firm retained will be based in the region or country that the Project is based out of or will be a global provider.

Upon successful completion of placement, legal and accounting closing costs can be reasonably anticipated prior to funding.

The costs of the required reports will vary depending on the size and scope of the project and financing requirements. Our team will usually advise early in the funding process of the necessary Due Diligence and other submittals.

Please note that all required reports usually must be paid in advance to the respective firms providing the services. If the Principal team is not able to aford the costs of those reports, closing costs and firm fees, then it is unwise to go any further with the proposed funding request.

We strongly encourage this issue be thoroughly discussed at the on-set (prior to formal engagement) among the client’s team, so that it may be clearly understood that money will need to be disbursed at various stages of the funding process and work we previously mentioned to bring access to the funds needed for the respective project.

Please get in touch with us

For any further questions, please get in touch with our private equity specialist by phone or whatts app on 0034 617 706 029 or by e-mail through

We look forward to reviewing your projects and to enjoy a long future business relationship together!